Basic information about Hradec Kralove

Hradec Kralove (German: “Koenigsgratz”, sometimes only Hradec) is the regional capital of East Bohemia, the Czech Republic, built on the confluence of Elbe and Orlice rivers as a dowry town of the queen of Wenceslaus II, Elisabeth of Poland, who lived here for thirty years. In the early 15th century, it was an important fortress of the Hussite revolution. The military importance of the city has ended after the battle at Chlum in 1866. With population about 100,000, it is one of biggest Czech cities., Emmanuel Dyan
Hradec Kralove Synagogue

It is famous for its Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture such as the belfry at the White Tower, St. Nicolas wooden church, Holy Ghost church, the City Hall and the bishop’s residence as well as modern architecture designed by Josef Gocar, Jan Kotera and many other architects who cooperated with the famous mayor Frantisek Ulrich. Due to their modern urban planning in the era of wealth after World War 1 the city gained the title “Salon of the Republic”. In last two decades it gained the title “Green city”, thanks to many parks and tree alleys, which completely changed its appearance after the Communist period, when many gray blocks of flats (so called “panelaks”) were built. It has been connected to the European highway system in 2006 by direct route from Prague (D 11).

Hradec Králové is simply one of the most beautiful cities of Czech Republic. It has a great connection with Czech capital, Prague. If you want to stay in Czech Republic long-term, you could try some of Prague apartment rental services of rental complex in Albertov, which has one of the best offers of apartment rent Prague.

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The city has been a home to many Czech writers from the period of the end of Austrian-Hungarian Empire, when the Czechs struggled for their independence, such was Alois Jirasek, Josef Kajetan Tyl, Karel Jaromir Erben and later Karel Capek and Emil Vachek. It is also connected with many other personalities, for instance the baroque Jesuit historian and write Bohuslav Balbin, the Czech-born Jewish poet and publicist Viktor Fischl, who later adopted the Hebraic name Avigdor Dagan and worked as ambassador of Israel. Nearby are located famous tourist locations for winter – the Krkonose (the Giant Mountains) and Orlicke Mts. (Eagle Mts.). It is also popular for its musical instruments manufacturing, especially for PETROF pianos. University of Hradec Kralove is located there and also Prague’s Charles university has some departments there – Medical and Pharmaceutical.